Lincroft Academy

The main focus of the school is our pupils. We believe that our task as teachers is to develop their full potential, both inside the classroom and outside it. We encourage them to work hard at their studies and join in the large range of extra curricular opportunities provided by a dedicated staff. We know our pupils individually, and check their progress regularly to help them achieve their very best. We know from experience that their ‘best’ can be seen in academic work and assessment results, and in activities such as sports, art, plays, concerts and community service within the school. To help celebrate, recognise and encourage even more successes we have a Student Leadership Group and School Prefects as well as an active house system and rewards scheme.

It is important to us that our pupils feel safe and happy. We are certain that young people work most successfully in a school community that is caring and friendly, yet firm and clear in its expectations and standards. Our Form Tutors play a key role in supporting pupils. We also look forward to building a partnership with each parent so that their child can make the very best use of the opportunities we provide.