Grange Academy

At Grange Academy we respect, value and appreciate our pupils, parents, staff and governors along with the contribution they make to the life of the school.

Our main purpose is to educate, support and encourage our pupils to fulfil their learning potential and achieve a level of independence and maturity which will enable them to embrace the opportunities and challenges of adult life in the 21st century. We are committed to putting children first.

Grange Academy is an all age Specialist School. We are a small school, with 95 students on roll at present;
– 25 in the Primary Department.
– 70 in the Secondary Department
•This means we get to know our students really well – Grange has a real ‘family feel’ about it.
•The Academy caters for the needs of students who find learning difficult for a variety of reasons.
•Students who come to Grange often need help and support with Cognition (understanding) and Learning (remembering what they have been taught).
•Many of them struggle with Literacy (Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing) or Numeracy (Maths).
•We also have special expertise in the field of Autism (ASC).
•Grange is also really good at boosting students’ confidence and self-esteem – making them feel better about themselves and helping them to enjoy their education.