Camestone Primary

Camestone School is a spacious, well-maintained school situated in the town of Kempston which is approximately 3 miles South West of Bedford. Kempston is a small friendly town with good amenities.
Camestone School is a happy, lively place where everyone is expected to work hard, try their best and achieve their full potential. We believe in a strong relationship between home and school and that working together with families is the best way to ensure success for the children. Many of our families maintain close links with the school and indeed quite a number of our parents are former Camestone pupils.

Camestone pupils have a very positive attitude to their work and demonstrate high levels of concentration and determination when completing activities. They show high levels of collaboration, courtesy and co-operation in and out of lessons. They are well trained in self-assessment and peer-assessment and are very keen to improve their work.

Our Ofsted report in April 2017 states:
• Camestone Lower has a real ‘buzz’ of purposeful learning and fun in learning.

• The Headteacher, other school leaders and governors share a determination to see the school continue to improve.

• Standards from Reception to Year 4 are rising because of improvements in tasks given to pupils and how they are taught.

• Skilled subject leaders drive improvements in the quality of teaching and pupils’ learning.

• Regular and thorough checks of pupils’ progress ensure any falling behind are quickly spotted and changes made so they can catch up.

• Camestone Lower is inclusive; everyone is treated fairly and equally.

• The quality of teaching remains good. Teachers and teaching assistants form an effective team.

• Pupils’ personal development is strong. They enjoy working together and helping one another. The school promotes their happiness, self-esteem and mental health effectively.

• Pupils’ behaviour is good. They respond positively to the key values and golden rules that permeate every aspect of school life. They and their parents say they feel happy and safe at school.