Bedford Modern School

Bedford Modern School is in many ways a unique independent school – an unpretentious environment for boys and girls aged 7 – 18. We are a very open community, where focus on the individual pervades the ethos.

The boys and girls work well together and gain much from sharing different perspectives and approaches to learning and developing life skills. The busy school environment encourages students to be fully committed and involved in all activities. The School has a national reputation for excellence in the performing arts, as well as being current and past national champions in several different sports.

Our priority is the happiness of the students – happy because there is a common sense of being involved, supported and successful. The happy child is likely to be the most fulfilled, and we want students above all to enjoy their time with us. Learning itself should be challenging and stimulating. We are unashamedly demanding in our academic standards; expecting to add value in all that we do. Our curriculum is planned from age 7 through to age 18 and is extremely flexible, allowing the typical student personal and academic breadth: to be able to study traditional subjects with more recent and credible additions. In the Junior School, the form teacher leads the majority of the teaching ensuring the children are properly nurtured.