Training for School Leaders

One of the challenges facing schools today is the development of their future leaders. A variety of factors are contributing to an ageing population of school leaders and a lack of potential successors.

Bedford’s positive approach is again leading the way in addressing this challenge.

Inspiring future leaders begins as soon as teachers qualify, with a specific course for recently qualified teachers entitled ‘Talent Spotting for Leadership’. The programme spans a full year and covers areas such as use of data, leadership skills and coaching, and requires participants to deliver a strategic project at their school and report back on their success.

Within schools, head teachers set clear progression pathways for their staff, with training made available to support them at each stage. The close-knit network of schools makes it easy to progress within your current school or transition to new schools, to pursue head of department positions and other senior roles through to deputy head and principal.

Once in the role of head, the support from the local authority and Bedford Borough Learning Exchange means that any challenges can be shared and debated at a senior level. Head teachers throughout the borough regularly state how much they value the support that they receive.