Sharnbrook Upper School

We are a very successful 13-19 comprehensive school located in North Bedfordshire and part of the Sharnbrook Academy Federation. We pride ourselves on our high academic standards, good behaviour and excellent teaching and this has been recognised on many occasions by Ofsted. At the same time we are not complacent and we continue to strive to achieve the best for all our students.

Being a large school we are privileged to have excellent facilities, a wide curriculum and extensive extra-curricular opportunities for students to get involved in. Our vertically structured pastoral system provides a very high level of care that allows all students to feel a sense of belonging to the school.

We set high academic standards and support pupils in realising their potential. We spark intellectual curiosity and encourage in students a love of learning. Sharnbrook is a school where it is cool to succeed and pupils regularly achieve some of the best exam results in the county.

There is more to school life than examination grades and we look to develop children ‘in the round’. We want our students to enjoy school, to feel safe and have a sense of belonging and this is reflected in everything we do. Our hope is that our students leave school having fulfilled their academic potential and just as importantly, that they have developed in to responsible young adults, who look forward to taking on the adventure of life’s challenges.